In today’s dynamic business environment it is essential that marketers understand the significance of digital marketing and how it can transform your business.  Digital marketing is an effective way to communicate with your customer. Digital marketing is dependent on technology which is constantly evolving and changing.  Marketers also must be flexible to respond to the dynamic changing marketing landscape. Communicating your brand through digital marketing is an important step for any business, big or small.

Content marketing in particular is growing rapidly compared to other forms of digital marketing.  It can alter the way brands interact with consumers.  Content marketing is all about demonstrating to the consumer what the brand represents rather than dictating to them.  Since the introduction of social media, brands have the ability to get closer and communicate directly to the consumer, ensuring increased customer loyalty and enhanced brand equity.  High quality content is imperative for search engine optimization.

Content marketing is a pull rather than push strategy. Content doesn’t interrupt or irritate the consumer, it actually attracts the consumer to the brand.  Consumers are attracted to a brand if the digital content provides the following information:

  • Informative information (Food brand – free downloadable recipes)
  • Expert knowledge regularly updated (Bank – Mortgage advice)
  • Feedback functionality (Competitions, surveys, web chat)
  • Added value (Business insight, entertainment)

Content marketing can provide the following benefits for a brand:

  • Increased reach
  • Improved brand image
  • Lead generation
  • Customer loyalty

Content marketing is a growing, evolving trend in digital marketing.  According to MarketingLand businesses spent more than $118 billion on content marketing in 2014.  With more than 85% adoption among B2B marketers, this demonstrates the significance of incorporating content marketing into your digital marketing strategy.

The People Group understands that the digital era of marketing is constantly evolving and companies will be seeking more defined skill sets in order to adapt to the changing marketing environment.  The People Group has been following the marketing landscape since our inception in 1989 and has built a large database of candidates who are specialists in various aspects of the marketing mix.  Understanding the future trends of marketing is important and building up a substantial repertoire of relevant candidates is imperative so when a company seeks an expert in a certain area they know they can be certain of finding the right match from The People Group.

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