Employment agencies that help companies recruit people tell Graeme McQueen that they are broadly satisfied with trading over the past year.

Colm Buckley

The People Group

We typically service middle-to-senior level sales, marketing and commercial roles across FMCG, drinks, ICT, financial services, pharmaceutical and the general business-to-business sectors. Every area of industry has seen some level rationalisation or organisation restructure over the past number of years. Many clients have been rationalising their business and making them more efficient. However, in many instances downsizing may have been too hasty and the demand for sales people with a proven track record or experienced commercial marketing professionals has remained consistent.

Continued areas of growth include digital, online and ecommerce marketing.

During the second quarter of this year we experienced a marked increase in the number of marketing opportunities that came back to the market across a broad range of industry sectors. Financial services has an ongoing challenge in attracting talent, particularly in the current climate, that requires experienced people with a background in distressed portfolio management.

We’ve also seen an uplift in the level of opportunities at mid-to-senior levels in sales, marketing, and commercial management positions. A massive level of inertia still remains in the market among candidates. In all likelihood the right candidate may not respond directly to a company’s advertising or social media efforts. However, these very candidates, when approached, will happily have a career development discussion with us.

For  people who want to retrain, what skills should they acquire?

“Candidates seeking to update their skills must take ownership of what they want to do and where they wish to develop their career”

Youngsters Try Their Luck Abroad

I believe that the number of young people  who graduated since 2000 –  the so-called Generation Y – emigrate because they are reluctant to conform.

“While Irish graduates are well qualified academically, their willingness to serve an apprenticeship early in their working career, and their acceptance of a level of personal accountability, is an ongoing concern. Attitude and fit are more than ever critical aspects of any company’s hiring process”