It’s a Candidate’s Market

With more people in gainful employment, the marketplace is tight in terms of talent i.e there’s a talent shortage. But don’t take my word for it. Recent figures released by the CSO (Central Statistics Office) confirm this. Unemployment decreased by 15,800 (-11.0%) in the year to Q3 2019 bringing the total number of persons unemployed to 128,000. This is the twenty-ninth quarter in succession where unemployment has declined on an annual basis.

So, now we have got that fact out of the way, what’s the logical conclusion we can discern. Well, to put it simply, employees have more choice, and talented employees have a lot more choices! They are no longer praying that they get that job, and willing to jump through the hoops that employers will put in their way before a decision is made.

Guess what, that person you are interviewing for a position for the 2nd time or maybe the 3rd time is in other processes. And as they sit there, they are judging you, to compare you to other employers their meeting. Why? To see if the people and the culture of that business is worth their commitment. In the end, employers are losing potential talent because (1.) instinct tells them that they won’t fit this business culture or (2.) processes are taking too long. Therefore, it’s a candidate’s market.

With that in mind, the ball is in the court of employers in terms of the following;

Moving processes along in a more expedient manner, and been able to do so because the recruitment agency they are dealing with actually has their best interests in mind. They want to put candidates in front of them who they know will add value to their business.

Marketing and Sales people meet people, and we meet Marketing and Sales people all the time. The world would like to tell you that quantum physics has revolutionised our world to such an extent, that soon we will just be digitised holograms walking around. Like a drinks vending machine, press a few numbers and sure the algorithm will present a solution for you. This is not the case.

Thus, it necessitates that there should be faith in the consultant recruiting for you. This of course is a two-way street. The consultant needs to know what they’re talking about in terms of what you are looking for, beyond a spec, and know the culture of your business.

The client needs to have faith in the ability of said consultant or recruitment agency that they will put the right talent in front of them and that the client won’t prolong the process.

Now, I know faith isn’t a fashionable word, and certainly not one to be heard at any boardroom meetings, but if the status quo isn’t working for you, well have a little faith and get in touch with ‘The People Group’. Remember “people” is in the name and that’s what it’s always been about!

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