Colm Buckley, managing director of The People Group, says that LinkedIn is useful where the firm has not been in communication with a candidate for a number of years and is looking to update its records.

Buckley adds: “We have developed our own database over the past 22 years and this is at the heart of what we do well. We have used LinkedIn to research candidates on the global stage outside of Ireland and this has proved useful for searches within financial services, where talent is being sought from other countries at present.”

Buckley says: “Our recruitment model requires that we meet and conduct a thorough interview with each candidate so LinkedIn has its limitations. Attitude and fit are key ingredients in the recruitment process of any blue-chip organisation these days and while social media channels are useful, they are not a modern panacea to the recruitment process.

Our experience is that many candidates embellish their experience and business prowess on social networks in a bid to attract prospective employers. Eight out of ten candidates we meet portray themselves on LinkedIn far beyond where we would rate them.”

Taken from an article in ‘Business Plus’ magazine