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Leading recruiters share their insight on the segments of the jobs market showing most activity and on the factors which influence people to switch jobs.

Colm Buckley

The People Group

We have seen a steady increase in client companies seeking sales and marketing talent during 2010. Global players are definitely resourcing up but there are also positive indications of hiring intentions coming from many indigenous companies too. The FMCG and drinks industry has been quite buoyant for us this year and we have also been concentrating on the ICT and general business-to business sectors.

There is inertia among many good candidates to move to new opportunities for fear of being last in and first out. The employment climate very much parallels consumer confidence and many people have put their career aspirations on hold until there is a definite sign of economic recovery. The good news is that candidates having to deal with redundancy may also find there is not as much competition for the job as they might have thought.

The key priority for candidates is working for market-leading brands with a strong leadership team, well-capitalised companies with a vision that have firm growth plans for the future.Culture and fit are back with a bang from candidate and client perspectives. Financial reward is well down the priority list for candidates but good companies are increasing bonus potential in many instances.

What are your key tips for unemployed candidates looking to secure a job interview and then make a positive impression at the interview?

Colm Buckley(The People Group):

Companies are seeking not only the right levels of skills and experience but also the right attitude and fit from prospective employees. Positive people who can reinvigorate the work environment are key to the right hiring decision. Candidates need to instil confidence and strong self-belief throughout the interview process.

The CV is your business card and its main purpose is to get you to the interview table. So create a CV relevant to the role you are applying for, which shows your skills and experiences in the most positive light. Be prepared for a competency style interview and know your skills.Be interested, be curious, actively listen, be energised, create an impression! Be prepared to discuss your past experiences, be insufferably positive and show that you’ve researched the client company thoroughly. Demonstrate what you can do to enhance their business.

Aside from CV and interview preparation, unemployed candidates need to turn the process of looking for a job into a job. Use your own network to let people know that you are in the market. Utilise social networks thoroughly. Meet with two to three reputable consultancies and demonstrate that you are a top calibre candidate who will perform well at interview if given the opportunity.

(Taken from an article in the October edition of ‘Business Plus Magazine’ surveying leading recruiters within the industry.)