As his company approaches a quarter century of successfully placing marketing professionals, The People Group managing director Colm Buckley acknowledges that recruiters as well as candidates need to continually update their skills, writes Paul Golden.

‘Trust, integrity and a specialist focus on marketing and sales are all vital to maintaining our brand and reputation. We have a genuine interest in people finding the right roles and companies in which to develop their careers. Our relationships with blue chip multinational organisations, as well as indigenous companies, are based on successfully filling roles with high calibre talent,” says Colm Buckley, managing director of The People Group.

According to Buckley, all the consultants who work at The People Group have a marketing qualification and have worked successfully within industry at various levels of management prior to joining the company. But while he believes it is important for them to understand marketing as a discipline, Buckley also recognises that the industry is continually changing.

“A good recruiter has the ability to work closely with their client, listen to their needs and help them identify what it is they require. In many instances a client may not have fully worked through the balance between what they want and what they actually need. Our people can give them advice on their competitors, how departments are structured and what has worked in the past as well as – critically – what hasn’t.

“We have been asked by clients to provide impartial feedback on talent gaps in conjunction with reviewing the strategic marketing plan for the company or business area. While technology has helped enormously in the recruitment efforts of client companies, the craft of good recruitment remains.

“Identifying top talent that clients cannot find themselves and bringing them to the table is a service that all of our people provide on a consistent basis. Our brand and reputation allows us to access unique candidates who, in many instances, are not actively looking for a move. In many instances we receive referrals from candidate