• A CV is an extension of your business card. It should not be War & Peace. Keep it robust, complete, clean and concise, no bull. Maintain some mystery and pique the reader’s interest!

Quick & Dirty tips:

  • 2 pages max. – (10 second scan by reader. Recruiters 100-200 CV’s per day).
  • Your name in big bold font.
  • No photos, fancy fonts, crazy colours – (Excuse for HR to screen you out!)
  • No addresses, dates of birth etc. – (Again, screen out avoidance)
  • Email and mobile on the footer. – (Pages become separated!) (No Nicknames – Bigboy69@gmail.com)
  • Keyword rich for ATS/HR hurdles.
  • Dates etc. all linking, no gaps.
  • Typo’s – (No excuses – Have three people read it)

Main body of CV

  • USP – (10 second elevator pitch).
  • Work experience in chronological order – (This is what I did / this is how successful I was)
  • Education – (A Masters does not require you to also list leaving cert results!)
  • Hobbies/interests – (Show you are human)
  • No need to state that ‘Refs are available on request’ – (That’s presumed!)


  • Have three people look over the finished article, a grammar whizz, a recruiter/HR person and an executive leader/Hiring manager.
  • Finally, make sure your polished CV is reflected in your Linkedin profile. It will be checked!

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