How Employees are Measuring Career Success in 2022

Since the beginning of Covid, we’ve seen a shift in the jobs market.

The hiring process is more complex than ever.

Employees’ values have changed. What is expected from an employer, has changed. What is classed as a good workplace, has changed.

Previously employees were driven by salary and status. In today’s market, it’s much more about company values, vision, and overall culture. Employees are rethinking how they want to work, they want more say in how, where, and when they work.

In a recent poll by The People Group, less than 25% of respondents stated that salary is the most important deciding factor. Over 50% stated that having a strong culture and Leadership team is critical to their decision to make a move.

Maybe the hardship of the isolation from this Global Pandemic has thought us to value ourselves and our loved ones more. We are seeing people valuing being closer to home, resulting in less commuting time, which equals more time to focus on ourselves, our physical and mental well-being, quality time with our loved ones, and even opportunities to upskill. In fact, over 20% stated that they value most is having a flexible working model such as a hybrid working model.

After a reduced amount of progression opportunities in 2020 and 2021, employees are now focusing on personal growth and upskilling in order to increase their chances of promotion in 2022. Upskilling and continuous learning are bigger than ever in the market. Individuals of all stages in their careers are returning to education, completing online courses and certificates in order to progress or even change career paths. Employees want a change and they’re willing to work to get it.

The job market in 2022 is different from anything we have seen in a LONG time. Now it’s time to adapt.

How can companies adapt to this market?

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