Candidate care in a recruitment process can be likened to inviting 100 people to a party at your house and leaving 95 outside in the rain.  We don’t do big parties!

Recruitment is more complex than ever these days.  It is critical that you work with a firm that can help you manage your career throughout your life.  We don’t just fill jobs, we place people.

Most of our consultants are qualified business coaches, they have a genuine curiosity about people, their motivations, aspirations and dreams.  Many of our candidates have dealt with us on multiple occasions throughout their careers.  We strongly believe that we are career coaches, for life.

We work with many of Ireland’s leading brands across all industries.

In many instances we have an open brief to ‘Find and introduce talent’ at a medium to senior level with our clients.

‘Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life’  Confucius

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